Unsolved cases of OFWs’ mysterious deaths rising

Last September 2, 2010, a woman was found soaked in her own blood inside her employer’s house in Qurayat, North Saudi. She had bruises and burn marks all over her body. Because of the extent of her injuries, her identity was not immediately identified. It was not until she died upon arrival in the hospital that it was found out that she was a Filipina.

Authorities in the PH Embassy in KSA identified the deceased as Romilyn Eroy Ibanez. Ibanez left the Philippines to work as a domestic worker in Saudi last June 1, 2010. The Philippine embassy reported that Ibanez had knife wounds in her neck, abdomen and wrist and acid burns in her mouth. In the embassy’s report it was also stated that an empty container of sulfuric acid was recovered from the crime scene.

A year after her death, Ibanez’ remains were finally repatriated to her family, she was missing an eye and her tongue.

read full story here.


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