SONA 2011: P-Noy’s first year the worst for OFWs (Part 2 of 2)

My latest article for POC.  Continued from Part 1

Death row

“During Aquino’s first year, for the very first time three Filipino nationals on death row were executed simultaneously,” Martinez said.

Sally Ordinario, Ramon Credo and Elizabeth Batain were all executed in China on March 30 via lethal injection. All three were convicted for being “drug mules”.

The number of Filipinos on death row abroad increased from 108 to 122 during Aquino’s term. Of these, 85 are drug-related and 79 are in China jails. Aside from these, an estimated 7,000 are languishing in jails abroad for an assortment of crimes ranging from petty offenses to murder. Some 20,000 are also stranded and awaiting immediate repatriation in the Middle East alone.

“Concerned government agencies, when criticized for their inaction, all blame lack of funds for OFWs services,” Martinez said. However, he said, the budget for services for OFWs suffered an unprecedented decrease in Aquino’s first fiscal year.

read full story here.


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