Online complaint form for Pinoys overseas

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Inspired by Filipina domestic worker Agnes Tenorio’s brave expose of how Hong Kong Labor Attache Romulo Salud rudely treated her, we have recently launched an online complaint form aimed at encouraging more overseas Filipino workers to assert their rights and demand the respect they deserve.

Tenorio was able to record Salud’s offensive shouting tirade and it has to date reached almost 119,000 views in YouTube. Labor Department Head Rosalinda Baldoz has promised to investigate the incident while we await updates.

Support for Tenorio and demands to recall Salud have also been resounding. Different migrant organizations, church, labor , women and partylist groups have expressed their indignation over Salud’s attitude and government neglect in general. However,  we have yet to hear any categorical statement from Malacanang — either from P-Noy or recently-appointed Presidential Adviser on overseas Filipino worker concerns VP Jejomay Binay.

Interestingly, there is also a lack of reaction from some self-claimed OFW advocate groups. What gives?

As an aside, I am all for developing the use and utilization of social media, especially for the promotion and upholding of OFWs’ rights and welfare.

It is a good platform for shaping public opinion that can easily address urgent issues of concern to Philippine government. It is also the easiest way to gather and disseminate information to OFWs all over the world. In fact, most of the cases we receive directly from OFWs abroad are relayed to us either via SMS or emails.

I hope more OFWs and Pinoys abroad, their families and advocates would become more active netizens and consciously maximize the social media in advancing our causes and advocacies. ###

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