the countdown has begun.

100ARAW.com is a project of my friend, blogger and journalist Tonyo Cruz, aimed “to provide Filipino netizens a platform for a daily dose of commentary, analysis and noteworthy coverage on the elections, on the candidates and, most importantly, on the voters.”

i appreciate the objectives and mission of the project for the 2010 elections and so graciously accepted the invitation to join. i look forward to teaming up, swapping views or even contradicting with some of the most opinionated, astute and prolific bloggers in the Pinoy netosphere.

i am endorsing 100ARAW.com to friends, colleagues and fellow netizens, 100ARAW.com is also open to contributions and story proposals.###

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  1. good day! asia society and ipvg corp would like to invite you to a dialogue between the 2010 presidentiables and young leaders, iVote: The Vision of the Presidency and the Youth on Feb 9, 9am-4pm at the Romulo auditorium of the RCBC Plaza.Event details here: http://www.facebook.com/trish.vega?v=app_2344061033&ref=profile#/event.php?eid=278880986972&index=1

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