victory for Kowloon workers!

watch this video of Kowloon workers rejoicing. mabuhay po kayo!

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Kowloon workers score victory after 7-month strike

Fifty-four former workers of the popular Kowloon House restaurant in Quezon City scored a victory after management agreed to re-hire them without back wages after a seven-month strike.

The strike officially ended after the Kowloon House Management agreed to accept “back to immediate employment” the 54 workers-on-strike. A compromise agreement was signed after a marathon dialogue between the management and the members of the restaurant’s labor union.

The Ecumenical Institute for Labor Education and Research said the Compromise Agreement between the management and the workers stated that “upon returning to work, the returning [sic] employees will be given financial assistance” amounting to P10, 000. The displaced workers agreed to go back to work on Tuesday, but without back wages.

An EILER official, however, warned that the returning employees in the West Avenue branch will be transferred to the restaurant’s branch in Matalino St. in UP Village. The branch has no labor union, making the employees unprotected on employment issues such as regularization.

Seventy-three Kowloon House workers went on strike September last year after they were unceremoniously dismissed from work but only 54 workers remained for the duration of the seven-month strike.

EILER Deputy Executive Director Anna Leah Escresa-Colina said the victory of the displaced workers proved the undying power of collective action towards fairer labor practices. She said this would also serve to inspire employees of other companies currently having labor disputes.#

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  1. celticfire says:

    I love good news.

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