quote of the day (and the cha-cha musical)

“Ho-hum, here we go again.”

Deputy Minority Leader Roilo Golez on the latest moves of Arroyo’s allies in Congress to amend the Constitution and effect charter change.

Golez’ point being: cha-cha may challenge the phoenix itself’s powers of resurrection but whenever it regenerates into another life form, it just as suddenly dies and peters out. according to him, cha-cha, though an ‘irresistable force’, ‘always runs into an immovable object’ which acquires strength that always proves unparalleled by any cha-cha initiative whatever form it morphs into.

Golez may be referring to no less than the likewise ever-resurrecting anti-cha-cha mass movement and to that we could grant him the foresight that arroyo and her allies greatly lack.

but then again, cha-cha at this point in time poses a tangible threat if only for the very real reason that arroyo’s term ends in barely over a year and she still occupies her seat in history as the most despised Philippine president of all time. as before, inspiration and motivation arises from desperation, but these virtues undeniably manifest ten-fold now for arroyo and her cha-cha operators.

we now see unfolding before us a predictable cha-cha musical, but alas, choreographed with unbelievable precision and with a more or less complete all-star cast:

following the Senate coup that seated pro-administration Sen. Enrile as Senate President, Press Secretary Jesus Dureza jested in prayer and broached the possibility of arroyo ‘leading the nation beyond 2010.’

as if on cue, presidential sin/son Pampanga Rep. Mikey Arroyo divulged his efforts to collect signatures from his collegues for the cha-cha initiative.

then House Speaker Prospero Nograles and administration staunch supporter Rep. Luis Villafuerte both boasted of having gathered over a hundred signatures for their respective resolutions in the House for charter amendments. while nograles and villafuerte attest that their resolutions are separate (nograles for amendments in economic provisions and villafuerte for a unilateral constitutional assembly), it is quite ridiculous to deny each one’s involvement with either when nograles was first to sign villafuerte’s proposal. (ano raw? ako rin, naguguluhan na..)

arroyo’s amigas from (Con-)ASSumption College are also now mimicking the activist lines, “Kung hindi ngayon, kailan? (If not now, when?)” for the cha-cha scheme. hindi yata bagay.

it is also interesting to note reactions from different officials when asked about arroyo’s possible term extension in the event of cha-cha. Senate Pres. Enrile as well as opposition senators and personalities maintain that they are not for cha-cha if it would entail term extension for arroyo. so will the present configuration in the senate oppose a unilateral con-ass? it still appears so, but really, in Philippine politics, one cannot tell for sure. enrile, after all, was first to announce that he is not against cha-cha ‘if the majority will it.’

arroyo’s allies in Congress and in the Cabinet, however, leave the possibility up to god or the devil — or the Supreme Court (proposals for a unilateral con-ass has been ruled unconstitutional in 2006). with 12 out of 15 magistrates appointed by arroyo, and the remaining 7 up for retirement come january 2009, arroyo will have the unprecedented advantage of appointing almost ALL of SC justices. by then, the cast would be all set for its grand cha-cha premiere.

it doesn’t appear too ‘ho-hum’ anymore, does it?

on november 25, the House committee on constitutional amendments has scheduled a public hearing on the pending nograles and villafuerte resolutions.

on november 25, Youth ACT Now (Youth for Accountability and Change Now) will counter the said hearing with a youth teach-in entitled, ‘Confront the Crisis, Campaign for Change!’, 1:00pm in Plaza Maranda, Manila. all youth and students opposed to arroyo’s charter change and tyranny are encouraged to come.

i agree with nato, PATATAG’s reunion concert was AWESOME!

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