quote of the day

Sen. Miriam Defensor-Santiago on retired Philippine National Police comptroller Eliseo dela Paz’ taking the fall for the ‘P6.9 million euro general scandal.’

Dela Paz still insisted that the release of the P6.9 million was “on my own behalf.”

To which Santiago answered, “Let me just say this for the record as chair of this committee [Committee on Foreign Relations]…very often we find cases where a middle-level official tries to cover up for his superiors. That is the problem of corruption in this country and that is the reason why the culture of corruption is endemic and seems to be permanent in our country because only the little fish go to jail and the big fish never, in fact they continue and prosper.”

hmm, those are noble words but unfortunately pure double-speak by the good senator. after all, she has had her share of cover-ups and tactless outbursts in defense of gloria arroyo, her ally. ###

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3 Responses to quote of the day

  1. clap, clap! double speak reminiscent of Orwell’s 1984. i have this feeling that it’s all for show. moro-moro ine.

  2. hi mads, change mo na yung blog adress ko plis, http://www.amadbrownwoman.blogspot.comala lang i needed something new. bakit parang iba na naman ang blog design????nalulukreng na ako.

  3. adarna says:

    pasyon, emmanuel c.,hehe, ang bilis mu naman magkomento. ang galeng. anyway, itong mga ganito ay mukhang may ‘template’ na e: mawawala, mage-emerge, magsisinungaling at magiging scapegoat. sani ng isang kakilala ko, pwede raw ng diversionary tactic ito sa senate kasi iraratsada na naman ang charter change sa congress. amadbrownwoman,keri madz, iu-update ko ang link mu. re: new blog design, ala lang din, i need something new lang din. hehe.

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