ang joc-joke, ang joc-joke

it is really amazing how former Dept. of Agriculture Usec. jocelyn joc-joc’ bolante transformed from a pitiful-looking abject being the moment he alighted from his plane last october 28 to a relatively healthier-looking and composed character in the Senate hearings yesterday.

amazing. the drooping skin on his face filled out and he became more recognizable as the joc-joc the public last saw before he fled to the US last 2005, prompting senators to say that he is not really sick. who would have thought that two weeks at the St. Luke’s Medical Center could do wonders like that? (this korean woman wasn’t as lucky. but i digress, si andres kasi e!)

too bad his hospital stint did nothing to his memory. methinks he spent most of his time there rehearsing his ‘script and theater-acting’ for the Senate yesterday. as most expected, joc-joc denied his involvement in the fertilizer fund scam and, worse, cleared gloria arroyo of accountability in the multi-million peso scandal. but does anyone care anymore what joc-joc says? as far as our friendly neighborhood tinderos, tinderas, tambays and tsupers are concerned, joc-joc WAS the operator of the P729M fertilizer fund scam and the money had been used to bankroll gloria arroyo’s presidential campaign in the 2004 elections. this conclusion, of course, not merely stemming from plain pessimist-thinking but from a general distrust and disgust for the person/s joc-joc appears to be protecting in malacanang.

in a gist, joc-joc made a further fool of himself by attesting the following (and under oath, to boot. sen. lacson would do well to make good his promise to send him to Bilibid!):

– the DA’s disbursement of the P728M fertilizer fund was not a scam but a ‘legal, valid and proper use of government money’
– the the farm-input program was approved by the Dept. of Budget and Management without requiring the approval of the president, thereby clearing arroyo of any involvement
– the whopping P728M was part of the regular budget of the DA
– he merely ‘downloaded’ the money and as DA Usec. did not have any idea where it was used, where it came from and from what fertilizer companies the government brought from
– he did not know what kind of fertilizers the DA then procured from the said funds
he did not know that former Speaker Jose de Venecia Jr., who was named in the list of solons who received fertilizer funds, was then a staunch ally of arroyo (asus joc-joke!)

on the other hand, this reminds us why joc-joke is nothing but a big joke. ###

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6 Responses to ang joc-joke, ang joc-joke

  1. kulang na lang pantina ng buhok. walang mapapala kay joc-joc. a dog won’t bite the hand that feeds it. and joc-joc is one loyal dog (to another female dog). patawad sa mixed methapors. hahaha

  2. adarna says:

    pasyon, emmanuel c.,OA na siguro kung nagtina pa siya ng buhok. masisira na ang overall costume niya. hehe.e kung, ‘one loyal dog to a bitch’ kaya? ;-p

  3. kunsabay, mawawala ang pa-victim effect. note: di ako ang gumamit ng b word ha. hehe

  4. adarna says:

    hehe, e b**** naman talaga e!

  5. Ishmael Ahab says:

    Kung si Madam ang kakausapin natin ay ang sasabihin niya ay “bravo bravo Bolante.” They are so happy.Nakainis na kasi ang katotohanan ay patuloy na naibabaon sa kawalan. Grrr…Wala tayong maasahan kay Bolante, ayaw niyan magaya kay Lozada na wala ng natatanggap na grasya kay prez. Mas mabuti pa sa kanya ang maging tulad ni Neri.

  6. adarna says:

    ishmael ahab,sa tingin ko, hindi naman ‘nababaon sa kawalan ang katotohanan,’ kaya patuloy na maha-haunt at maha-hound si madam ng mga ganito (plus mga bago pang nabubunyag). ngalang, mahirap na talagang umasa sa mga testimonya ng mga tulad nina bolante, neri, euro-generals, etc etc na, sabi mu nga, tumatanggap ng grasya. magpapasko pa naman..

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