hype or hope?: the real changes we need

dear president barrack obama,

i will not congratulate you. i instead congratulate the american people whose votes for you are clearly a united and unifying protest vote against bush’s reign of terror, economic plague and stupidity. if there is something that has to be highlighted in your victory, it is the triumph of the marginalized, the fed-up, the oppressed and repressed and the hopefuls who threw in their support for you because of the world-resounding clamor for CHANGE.

i congratulate peoples from every inch of the world who now join together in celebration of your victory. they too are expectant of CHANGE from your administration. never mind that some folks from japan are exulting your victory just because their city is named Obama. never mind that grade school students from indonesia who in all probability do not have any idea who you are have been caught on video jumping for joy just because you attended the same school. never mind that your relatives in africa are feasting for a day on what for them is a year’s worth of meat. never mind that the afghanistan president who congratulated you was in fact a bush-endorsed politician. the world is rejoicing together as if encapsulated in one collective time zone because peoples from everywhere see in you HOPE.

i will be a hypocrite if i say that i am not overwhelmed by your victory. tv footages of your rally bring tears to my eyes. i have been musing for the past hours and contemplating what ifs — if it hadn’t been you, had it been someone else less charismatic and less, uhm, black, would a democrat have won? my speculation to my own musing would be YES (WE CAN…!). of course it helped a lot that you have the physique of denzel washington and the charisma of martin luther king, but still yes. why? because you (or whoever your brilliant publicist is, i congratulate him/her too) captured the perfect tag line: CHANGE, and the collective mantra, YES WE CAN.

you won and what’s in store? numerous possibilities and huge expectations.

here in the philippines, the real changes we need:

– the pullout of US troops not only in Iraq but elsewhere in the globe where US bases are situated and justified under the ‘global war on terror’ (in the philippines, a stop to the ongoing Balikatan exercises and pull out of US troops in Mindanao)
– no to war should mean a stop to funding wars of aggression and other CIA-backed intelligence policies and intervention
– more jobs for US workers should translate to greater sensitivity to filipino migrants in the US and elsewhere and workers’ welfare and workers’ movements all over the world
– withdrawal of political support for the tyrannical gloria macapagal-arroyo regime

as for the present US financial crisis, i leave that not to you but to the existing conditions in the world monopoly capitalist system that are unfolding as we speak. nothing you could do about that.

so there and thank you for being a hundred-fold more good-looking and bearable to watch in the news than bush.


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One Response to hype or hope?: the real changes we need

  1. netaholic says:

    haha =)) cool 😀 really Obama deserved to sit as the US president 🙂

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