laying the blame on (hold your breath) testosterone!

chanced upon this incredulous article while browsing for pieces of writing on the US financial meltdown. yep, those in a state of denial are now blaming the crisis on testosterone! i wonder what other ‘studies’ would reveal next:

If you’ve been blaming reckless men for the collapse of America’s leading investment houses and the plunging markets, you may be on to something. High levels of testosterone are correlated with riskier financial behavior, new research suggests.

Men with more of the sex hormone made riskier investments than guys with lower levels, according to a study published online yesterday in Evolution and Human Behavior. Just how much riskier? Those with 33 percent more testosterone than average men invested 10 percent more of their dough. read on.

how ‘scientific’.

meanwhile, we have here attempts to defend capitalism’s ability to ‘self-regenerate’. in the meantime, let’s all just scrimp, save and cope until that happens — add more holes to our already-tight belts, so to speak.

comic strip credit to gary larson

and more blah.

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4 Responses to laying the blame on (hold your breath) testosterone!

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