Things we can do on February 28 Youth Action Day

1. WEAR WHITE vs. CORRUPTION – as a symbol of the youth’s crusade for truth, accountability and hope.

2. ACCESSORIZE – with shirts, pins, bracelets, headgears, white armbands, etc. Be creative. Show your protest through your fashion sense.

3. DECORATE – your school, tambayan, class room with ‘protest art.’ Designs are available at Or better yet, be resourceful and come up with your own Youth Action Day theme for your school. Transform your schools into ‘Truth and Accountability Zones’.

– set up a text hotline in your school, or put up freedom walls all around campus, or set up a ‘punching bag or dart board vs. corruption’. Provide a medium for students to unleash their youthful energy and show their protest.

5. INVITE – to the Youth Action Day Konsiyerto para sa Katotohanan! at the University of the Philippines Diliman on February 28, 6-9pm.
Showcase, share and compare your Youth Action Day themes and protest art at the February 29 rally in Ayala where different schools are expected to converge.

Youth Action Day in 10 key cities nationwide!

YOUTH ACT NOW! coordinators and member organizations from Metro Manila, Baguio City, Albay, Naga City, Tacloban, Bacolod, Davao, Iloilo, Laguna, Cavite will participate.

For inquiries, contact:
Alvin Peters, YOUTH ACT NOW! Spokesperson, 09206209362
Terry Ridon, UP Student Regent, 09158513904

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6 Responses to Things we can do on February 28 Youth Action Day

  1. Renegade Eye says:

    Speaking of corruption; one of my comrades running for office in Karachi, was ahead 20,000 votes, and mysteriously lost the election. Twenty people died in Pakistan that day. It was considered a fair election by the world media.

  2. Anonymous says:

    wala namang links on prop materials and other anti gma protest artworks sa youthactnow website, sana nga meron para ma pakalat ito. grafix,slogans and other designs are needed esp dito sa provinces

  3. Anonymous says:

    sana masagot na mamaya sa mob ang tanong: “may problema oo, pero paano itutugon dito yung mga natutunan ko sa psr kung puro burgis nanaman ang kakiskisan-siko natin?”

  4. pian says:

    The main problem is that we have a very illegitimate democratic system. Our voters elect only those people who are popular and not if they are capable. The big dilemma if GMA is ousted, the VP will take over who was elected PURELY because he�s popular with the masses, and not because he�s capable to lead the nation. Our economy has never grown this much, I don�t want to take the chance by entrusting it to someone solely popular with the masses.To prevent this transfer, no matter how believable Lozada initially is, his credibility is now being questioned. He admitted that a certain level of corruption is acceptable to him. Questions have arisen whether he was kidnapped, because his celphone was not confiscated, he dined in Outback restaurant, and he was able to go to the place he wanted to go all along, that is, La Salle Greenhills. I even read he committed a sin of omission regarding his consultation with the wife of Sen. Joker Arroyo. He didn�t correct the impression in which it appeared the wife invited him to her house to urge him not to testify, when the fact of the matter is (based on what I read) Lozada was the one who contacted the wife around September before Joey de Venecia testified, and he was crying and that he doesn�t want to testify. So the wife invited him to her house, and told him she couldn�t lawyer for him due to conflict of interest since her husband is a Senator, while he was then president of Philforest. She advised him then, since he was so distressed, that he doesn�t have to testify if he didn�t want to. Since this was one of those ordinary free consultations, she didn�t bother to tell Joker about it. So Joker was surprised when his wife was mentioned.

  5. noni says:

    Hi SarahAm from india..Your blog gives so much information and activism which not able to get through world media …………

  6. hope more youth will spek for the truth. continue your struggle to hear the truth and let those concerned people take responsibility of the consequences of their actions. let the power of the youth felt by this government of GREED. I have also some article here:Philippine Politics and Scams

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