Anakbayan national council meeting

just got back from Anakbayan’s 1st national council meeting under its 4th Congress held last January 9-12, 2007 in Baguio City.

literally FROZE in Baguio, i got sick just as our meeting ended. had fun, nonetheless, and, as always, felt/feel privileged to have had the chance to meet up, share experiences and commune with other Anakbayan leaders from the regions.

more photos here, here and here.

this is kiejmatt (kidlat/lightning in Igorot). he is 3 years old and the son of two kasamas in Baguio. ’twas love at first sight for me. fell in love with this kid i really did!

got new tats! saniata and rafael in alibata on my arm.

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2 Responses to Anakbayan national council meeting

  1. Renegade Eye says:

    It dawned on me, we don’t hear from our mutual friend celticfire.Here are some blogs you might find interesting: Mike has a critique of the ideas of Bob Avakian. He was a long time member of his group. blog is a coalition blog including Maoists.These blogs I’m sure would like to hear from you.

  2. adarna says:

    thanks for the heads up, ren!yep, been waiting to hear from him too. hope he’s okay..

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