STP (Siyam na Taong Pakikibaka) ng Anakbayan!

November 30, 2007 rally, Liwasang Bonifacio-Recto / December 1, 2007 STP Anniversary celebration, PUP

more photos here and here.

read Anakbayan’s anniversary statement.

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3 Responses to STP (Siyam na Taong Pakikibaka) ng Anakbayan!

  1. Renegade Eye says:

    I recognized the word Arroyo.Did anything happen after that coup attempt?

  2. adarna says:

    hi ren,the streamer reads, “Resurrect the spirit/essence of Bonifacio (look him up, he founded the Katipunan and spearheaded the 1896 Philippine Revolution. nov 30 was his birth anniversary)! Oust the Arroyo regime!”post Makati stand-off: government forces are now out on a witch hunt for alleged conspirators — tagging civilians, political personalities and organizations, businessmen in the process.rebellion charges have been filed against 50++ persons, including Sen. Trillanes and Gen. Lim. the public has polarized reactions with regards to the stand-off, but even the Catholic Bishops Conference of the Philippines (a conservative sector) is now calling on Arroyo to ‘examine her conscience’ after the siege, pertaining to corruption issues and human rights violations. the Religious of the Good Shepherd, a congregation of nuns, have also called on Arroyo to step down. these, without doubt, are telltale signs of how the conservative (majority) sectors view the Arroyo regime after the stand-off.Arroyo, meanwhile, went shopping for kitchen utensils a day after the siege. she then embarked on a week-long trip to Europe with an entourage of over 100 (being questioned now by some officials because of its extravagance). she’s in Spain now.

  3. Renegade Eye says:

    In Venezuela the Catholic Church is telling people, if Chavez would have won the referendum, your children, car and if you have two houses, one will be taken away.

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