Arroyo administration is that of bribes, betrayal and blatant corruption

Anakbayan‘s statement on the bribe attempts and ‘cash gifts’ linked to Malacanang

Anakbayan expresses full support and admiration for the likes of Pampanga Governor Among Ed Panlilio, Anakpawis Rep. Crispin ‘Ka Bel’ Beltran and all other public officials who have admitted to receiving ‘cash gifts’ from persons associated with Malacanang.

A bribe, called by any other term, is still a bribe. These latest bribe attempts are by far the most desperate moves by the Arroyo administration to suppress growing public and political clamor for accountability in the ZTE scam and other corruption issues.

The Arroyo administration has survived this long precisely for its dependence on treachery and syndicate-like tactics. This government is clearly being run by an administration of bribes, betrayal and blatant corruption.

With the ZTE scam, we have witnessed thus far how the President employs her Cabinet members and party allies to do the dirty work for her. If the ZTE scam proved anything it is that the Arroyo administration cannot hope to continue with clandestine acts of corruption without eventually being exposed, rotten eggs will surely stink.

And continue to fester. These attempts at bribery prove that however President Arroyo tries to escape involvement, the pure shamelessness of her ilk will eventually catch up with her. The foul smell has reached Malacanang and no amount of denial, flowery declarations of progress and all sorts of white-wash can drive away the stench.

The Arroyo administration is paying a high price for survival but in the process digs itself into a deeper grave. Such is also a characteristic of an administration frantically holding on to power.

It is very unfortunate that we have a government that can scrimp out millions, even billions, in bribes but none for education, housing and other basic social services. ###

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One Response to Arroyo administration is that of bribes, betrayal and blatant corruption

  1. Anonymous says:

    That’s very true. But the problem is that we cannot do anything to stop what they are doing! All I can say if you will run for PRESIDENT. For me, you are the only hope of this country!

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