understanding ‘new media’

first things first: kudos to my fellow BK crew for the the successful Blog Ed 101, the second in a series of fora/kapihan/eyeball events sponsored by Bloggers’ Kapihan. papers, powerpoint presentations and other resource materials may be viewed and downloaded here.

prof. danny arao, considered as one of the ‘gurus’ of critical media and pioneers of web authoring, provided some very helpful insights in understanding the place of blogging and web authoring in alternative journalism, or otherwise referred to as ‘new media’. the thesis mainly being the discussion, appreciation and utilization of new media must be done in a way that it should not be pitted against other traditional forms of media (and essentially propaganda).
complementation is the key word, considering its many characteristic advantages and disadvantages.

blogging, and yes, online forms of propaganda, whether we admit it or not, have reached a level of significance particularly in reaching so-called opinion-makers and thus shaping ideas of a portion of the articulate and outspoken masa. to shun this reality is akin to refusing to acknowledge the popular demand for tele/korean/sine-novelas in television. the ‘popular audience’ it unfailingly reaches, albeit limited in scope, are the very ones we see, read and hear in the old media forms (print, tv, radio). we just simply cannot ignore this fact.

now, it will be a different matter altogether if one entertains the illusion that the maximization of new media will be sufficient to reach out to a majority of the population. prof. arao issues a caveat, an admonition even, calling for a temperament against new media’s initial novelty. it admittedly IS addictive and this attitude should always be kept in check.

more importantly, the basic mantra of ‘for whom’ still applies. if blogging and the use of advances in technology are only for personal narcissistic pleasures and remain in the auspices of the ‘virtual’, then pfft! and boo! for bloggers like me.

next up: the CyberEd Project.

ang kapal na lang talaga ng mukha ng gobyernong ito. yun lang. students, educators and anti-graft and corruption advocates should be in uproar against it. the CEP is nothing but another anomalous, deceptive and corrupt contract that will not benefit the country’s basic educational system in its present crisis. read more and seethe here and here.

follow their lead: Anakbayan and LFS high schoolers are all set to launch daily lunchtime protests against the CEP. starts tomorrow, october 15, at the Ramon Magsaysay High School.

more on this later.

what’s the buzz?

15,000 soldiers will soon be deployed to ‘assist’ MMDA in their sidewalk clearing operations. hay naku, as if the MMDA is not merciless and brutal enough sa kanilang mga demolition jobs, ngayon sinamahan pa ng mga sundalo. ano, will they be armed? taktika ba ito to scare poor innocent small-time sidewalk vendors from defending their meager livelihood? grabe na talaga!!! argh!

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