pacquiao, pakimkim, pampalubag-loob

so i have gone this far without blogging about today’s pacquiao-barrera fight.

othan than the fact that most of my friends spoiled the outcome of the match for me (thanks to gma7’s overly-delayed telecast), i hate to say this but i found the fight quite uneventful. maybe it was coz i was chatting with my mom almost the whole time it was on. or maybe coz my husband and i weren’t as hyped as we used to (no specially-cooked food, softdrinks and munchies while watching). but there, quite uneventful.

the one thing that tickled me though was AFTER the fight, when vice-president noli de castro approached pacquiao and in the process got himself interviewed. the reporter said something like, “Congratulations, sir. how do you feel blah blah?”. and he replied, “Congratulations too!” (ano raw?! hehe).

but hey, pacquiao won and that is STILL something filipinos should be proud about in light of the Desperate Housewives racial slur and the Daily Dose’s labelling former prez cory aquino a ‘slut’). what’s more, he won and the whole country would be united in celebration for a week or so, a brief and rather welcome respite from corruption scandals and other political boo-boos.

thank god for cheap thrills.

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2 Responses to pacquiao, pakimkim, pampalubag-loob

  1. Congrats to pakyaw. medyo boring kc umabot ng 12 round.

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