martial law anniversary

one of my most favorite biographies is EDJOP: The Unusual Journey of Edgar Jopson. i read it in college and continue to re-read it time and again when the mood strikes. a new version of the book by the same author has recently been released. (but i do not recommend it. i haven’t read the new edition and have no plans of reading it as reliable sources and critics say that the author had a ‘sudden change of heart’ and went on to revise and twist history for anti-natdem political motives.)

Edjop’s (as the grocer’s son turned activist/Atenista/moderate turned Kabataang Makabayan/great father of risa, one of my closest friends) remains one of the most inspiring lives ever lived in the history of the youth movement and the national democratic struggle. he embodied the proletarian principle of remoulding — shunned personal luxuries, lived the simple life, offered his life and works for the revolutionary cause. risa, in her article, “Hindi tumigil ang pagiging tatay” for Pinoy Weekly provides us a brief background of her Tats’ greatness.

Edjop died on september 20, 1982. this year, Bayan along with the First Quarter Storm Movement (FQSM) and the National Union of Students of the Philippines (NUSP) held a commemoration of Edjop and Bayan’s founding secretary-general Lean Alejandro‘s death anniversaries at the Bantayog ng mga Bayani. i sang bong ramilo’s Awit ng Peti-B for the memorial meeting and was tickled pink when ms. joan maglipon, one of Edjop’s former colleagues, came up to me to say that the song is her all-time favorite.

Edjop and Lean’s families, closest friends and former comrades attended the event and offered testimonials and collectively remembered. what struck me was ms. lualhati ebreu‘s testimonial on Edjop. she was one of Edjop’s former comrades and in fact one of the last people who saw him alive before that fateful day when their ‘underground house’ was raided by the military. it was very obvious that she knew Edjop well, and amazing that she remembered and recounted details of her moments and experiences with him as if not 25 years has passed since his death. it somehow reaffirmed for me what has been written in Edjop’s biography, to actually hear the anecdotes about him being told from someone’s memory. i wish to grow old and like her still be able to pass on stories of greatness of my past and present comrades to future generations.

september 21 is the anniversary of the declaration of martial law. around 5,000 rallyists from different sectoral organizations marched along bustillos near mendiola. view GMA’s 24 oras news clip. more photos here.

nakbayan‘s statement reads, “History is repeating itself and present turn of events are bridging the generation gap between youth activists of today and our counterparts 35 years ago.” read full statement here.

what’s the buzz?

arroyo backs off and retracts the ZTE contract while Speaker JDV says he’s torn between two lovers. 25 solons from the House of Representatives to probe 300% tuition increase in UP.

today is also the death anniversary of fallen nestle union president Diosdado ‘Ka Fort’ Fortuna.

i am currently head over heels with multiply (i’m a late bloomer, i know). please visit also bodega ni adarna for multi-media updates. ###

*photo courtesy of PDI’s rem zamora

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3 Responses to martial law anniversary

  1. remzamora says:

    hoy ikaw ha di ka nag-ke-credit sa fotos 🙂

  2. adarna says:

    ay, oo nga. ngayon lang naman, nakalimutan ko. laging may credits sa fotos sa mga entry ko. hehehe. ayan, lagyan ko na po. 🙂

  3. rem says:

    hehehe ayan 🙂

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