got two turntables and a microphone

one turntable, actually, and do two Extreme magic mics count? hehe.

the turntable belongs to eric, filmmaker/DJ/teacher/student/hiphop advocate/aktibistah from Habi Arts, a multimedia cultural organization based in the US. he’s been staying over at our house, along with glenn, former LFS member (and future bayan-usa organizer?) from san francisco, while they film a documentary on the youth and student national democratic movement here in the philippines.

them and sinag re-arranged our house and set up a very neat DJ booth in the living room for our ‘scratchin’ tutorials’ and ‘chillin’ sessions’. since rj and ariane left, it’s been a while since the house has been bustling with activity and i’m feeling really refreshed.

i’ve also been training my ears to hiphop/rap music and i’ve learned to appreciate it beyond the samples and hooks which initially were the only things my ear (and, yes, resistance) picked up — how rap is poetry, how emcee-ing is a form of performance art, how freestyling is a lot like rengga, how hiphop can be a potent force especially in community organizing (more on this later). though i still prefer my present musical staple, it IS fun and interesting to be opening new frontiers to my musical preferences.

was also meaning to blog about local hiphop acts gloc9, stick figgas , syke, jayflava who graciously performed at our mini-hiphop concert with kiwi but nato beat me to it.

so wazzup?

still looking for a perfect wig for berna. i cut my hair short after four years. lengua‘s finally started her own blog. and mong has talked me into finally getting on the twitter bandwagon.

ng of bandwagons, kudos to PUP students for the successful walkout against the Board of Regents’ proposed 525% tuition hike. a whopping 7,000 students walked out of their classes to join the in-campus rally last tuesday and 2,500 went on to march to the Commission on Higher Education main office in ortigas.

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4 Responses to got two turntables and a microphone

  1. Renegade Eye says:

    You would love Be Girl Be.

  2. adarna says:

    thanks for this amazing link, ren! you think there are Filipinos there?

  3. kristia says:

    ganda ng blog mo mare! bigyan kita ng mga pemisnistang hip hop reggae sample cds. i’ll try and burn some stuff…to bring you over completely to our side . 🙂

  4. adarna says:

    mare! tenkyu naman daw, hehe. sige ba, asahan ko yan ha? c u sa thursday..:)

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