letters from fabulous, wonderful Berna :-)

june 28

Mga Kasama at Alyado sa Kilusan:

Thank you for your messages during this difficult period in my life.

I realize I am only 30 and facing brain cancer, but I am inspired by the contributions of some of our youngest patriots like Andres Bonifacio, Lorena Barros, Carlos Bulosan, Jose Rizal, Edgar Jopson, Lean Alejandro, etc. In their honor, I know I can beat this cancer alongside my kasamas and most of all my husband.

I am uncertain about my health. But even in this period of uncertainty, I am certain that my patriotism will carry me through this difficult time with my kasamas and with my husband.

Again thank you very much to your well wishes and to your statements. They mean a lot coming from you for a young kasama like me. I hope to recover very fast and honor your wishes and I know we will see each other again in good health and in militant struggle (and intense videoke)!

In Service of the Filipino People,

june 3

I was discharged from the hospital today!!!!

Today, I was delivered a new bed from my mother. How sweet.

Anyway, Im glad to be in front of this computer again. Achingly checking email and checking the news about the homefront.

I am 30 years old and own my own cane! It’s to help me walk again since my brain surgery. There are apparently some body functions i need to rehabiliate. Ummm…..

Gary sends his love…..salamat sa lahat.

dearest friends and allies in struggle:

I am finally home! No kidding. I was discharged today, along with a few toys– like a walker and a cane to help me with my physical rehabilitatiion as my brain recuperates post surgery.

Anyway, today the doctor tweezed out at least 43 metal staples from my head. I told her to make a necklace or braces out of it. But she wasn’t amused. It of course left a blood-drenched scar on my head where my brain was operated on.

So now I have to really limit my time on this computer. I’m convinced the cancer grew as result of cell phone usage, computer work, and bad eating habits. Now, with a new lease on life, it is time to get healthy and be happy with my loved ones.

But with the real cancer still ails the people back home, it will be difficult to contain my thoughts and not push for an Arroyo-free homefront.

Thank you for all your messages of support. I was truly overwhelmed and touched by the outpour of support for me during this ordeal.

Now it is time to celebrate life with more vigilance, militance and love for my husband than before.

Serving the People,

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2 Responses to letters from fabulous, wonderful Berna :-)

  1. Renegade Eye says:

    All the best.For a socialist Philippines, with free health care for all.

  2. rich says:

    wish you the best for your health…recuperating from a brain surgery needs a lot of compliance and patience as for the health care here in the philippines FREE? big question mark

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