Dump them Palace-funded party-lists!

Kabataan Party-list last week exposed the existence of a Memorandum by the President’s Office of External Affairs to destroy the party-list system by directly fielding and funding at least five fake party-lists.

In a memorandum dated Oct. 2006, the OEA’s Asst. Sec. Marcelo T.Fariñas, head of the agency’s Special Concerns Group, proposed to President Arroyo full administration support for “partylist groups ascertained to be pro-administration and ensure the winning of nine to12 seats in the House.” The amount of P5.5-million was requested tocover the period of Oct.-Dec. 2006 for five to eight pro-Arroyo party-list.
The fake party-lists mentioned in the OEA memo are:

1. Babae Ka formed by OEA Director Nerissa Garcia
2. League of Youth for Peace and Development (LYPAD) organized by Director Melvin Mitra
3. Kalahi Advocates for Overseas Filipinos (KALAHI) formed by Director Poe Gratela
4. Agbiag! Timpuyog Ilocano formed by none other than Asec. Farinas himself
5. other party-lists mentioned in the document were Alliance ofNeo-Conservatives, Abono, Kasangga and Aging Pinoy.
Read and download the controversial OEA Memorandum here and here.
We appeal to the youth and the public to dump these pseudo-partylist which obviously do not represent the marginalized but the interests of the present administration. These party-lists are using public funds to confuse and decieve voters. Worse, they are being used by the Arroyo administration in its desperation to counter the imminent victory of progressive party-lists in the coming elections.
Last night was the very successful PARTY NG KABATAAN! A Fashion Show and Concert for Clean and Honest Elections. View photos here (courtesy of rei rana, maraming, maraming salamat po!)
Kabataan Party-list also extends its deepest regrets to bands Gapos and Machine Gun who were not able to play in the concert due to mis-coordination and time constraints. Pasensya na po, bawi po kami sa inyo.
What’s the buzz?

The following criteria was used:
• The candidates’ proven commitment in upholding human rights, especially their consistent denunciations of extrajudicial killings, the political persecution, massive human rights violations and rising fascism of the Arroyo administration;
• Track record in upholding the people’s interest and willingness to work with the partylist groups on key issues and concerns; and
• Capability to take an independent stance vis-a-vis the executive department.
The ‘Magic 8’ are as follows (in alphabetical order): Joker Arroyo (Tem Unity), Allan Cayetano (GO), Chiz Escudero (GO), Loren Legarda (GO), Francis Pangilinan (Independent), Koko Pimentel (GO), Ralph Recto (Team Unity) and Manny Villar (GO).
What’s gotten my beef?

DOJ Sec. Raul Gonzeles strikes again.
After his callous and tactless statement on the demise of US Peace Corps volunteer Julia Campbell, the rabid Gonzales this time places himself in the Comelec hot seat by offering cash rewards to village chiefs who could ensure a 12-0 victory for administration ticket Team Unity. What gall! This is one clear example vote-buying and of the government utilizing its machinery to the fullest extent for blatant electoral fraud. The Comelec SHOULD investigate and I hope to the heavens Gonzales spends the rest of his time in the gallows where we’ll all be spared from his hubris and stupidity.
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