Sack Esperon!

A Genuine Call from Youth and Students for Clean and Honest 2007 Elections

Dismiss Esperon!
Garci General will taint credibility of May polls

Kabataan Party-list, the sole youth party-list participating in the May polls, calls on the government to immediately dismiss and relieve Armed Forces Chief of Staff Gen. Hermogenes Esperon from office.

For as long as Gen. Esperon remains the front man and main operator of the AFP, the youth and the public cannot hope for a truly clean and honest 2007 elections.

It is not a secret how Gen. Esperon has managed to get himself implicated in numerous cases of electoral fraud, repression, violence and corruption.

read full statement here.

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3 Responses to Sack Esperon!

  1. celticfire says:

    In one of my classes we were discussing Women in World Politics. A woman of color reminded everyone that “The Philippines have a woman president.” I reminded her, “Yes, but she is also a bloody dictator.” It was interesting to me how this logic was used in history classes – female+politics=liberal?

  2. Renegade Eye says:

    In the US, the liberals are trying to get rid of Alberto Gonzalez, the attorney general. As a revolutionary, I think he should stay on the job. He is discrediting the system, better than I can.

  3. adarna says:

    wow, my two most favorite commentators in one comment box. haha! :-)celtic,there was a time in philippine history when the equation “female+politics=liberal” influenced our national politics a great deal. this was during the presidency of Corazon Aquino after the 1st Edsa People Power Uprising. a so-called ‘democratic space’ was perceived by even the Left on account that she portrayed a main role in the event but also i would think coz she IS a woman and a far cry from the macho dictator image of Marcos. but later on, events shunned such generalizations when her political stand revealed that there is no ‘democratic space’ when class struggle is involved. she was the president when the ‘Mendiola Massacre’ took place. (look it up ;-p)as for Arroyo, our bloody dictator, she had time and again tried to appeal to the women sector but to no avail. last Women’s Day celebration sponsored by Malacanang, she was boo-ed to the heavens by women employees. picture,haha! that’s one way to put it. the same way we sometimes ‘thank’ Arroyo for still being in power coz she IS the main reason why the movement is getting stronger and stronger.

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