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38 days to go before the mid-term elections. please vote for Kabataan Party-list. join our online campaign! sign the petition against a military-free 2007 elections.

what happens when you combine a tribal design (for ever-flowing zen), a sun mandala (for sinag ng araw ko) and cherry blossoms (dahil maganda ako, hehe. couldn’t resist, i’m a sucker for japanese-style flowers)? this:

my very first tattoo. was painful as hell, no regrets though. a new addiction? will find out sooner or later.

thanks to alfred guevarra, former president of PHILTAG (Philippine Tattoo Artist Guild) and bassist for punk band WUDS. when i asked him to describe to me the pain so i’d know what to expect, he told me, “yung pain temporary lang, pero yung art permanent (the pain is only temporary but the art is permanent)”. his shop, Avatar Tattoo, is located at 1150-B Estrada St., Singalong, Malate, Manila. alfred’s a GREAT artist, contact him: 5369024 / 09163616678 for appointments.


“Person reaching through the Gross to grasp the secret of Beauty.”
— Richard Stine
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10 Responses to tatu

  1. Renegade Eye says:

    Is it a coalition party? Like the Green Party?It is always being debated, whether to enter a bourgeoise party. In the USA, we need a party based on labor. Before that will happen, we need a revolutionary situation.I have recently become associated with this group.

  2. adarna says:

    ren eye, Kabataan Party-list is composed of youth and students organizations here in the Philippines. its main objective is to seek youth representation in Congress for the youth’s campaign for education and employment but is still closely related with party-lists of other sectors with the same advocacies. it is actually a multi-sectoral youth party-list.please visit http://www.kabataanparty.com for more info. there is also a section there on the Philippine perty-list system (http://www.kabataanparty.com/what-is-the-party-list-system/ happy browsing! 🙂

  3. anamorayta says:

    shet mamu! kkbasa ko lng ng shoutbox msg. at least – me celeb factor + accreditation + quotable quote pa ang artist mo. 🙂 welcome to the club. ehehehe.

  4. adarna says:

    anamorayta,true mamu! luv ko ang tattoo ko! malaki siya, almost 1/4 ng likod ko, pero mas astig pa rin yung sa’yo! hehe.katext ko si jowa ni rebyuwer habang ginagawa ako. SIYA ang na-starstruck sa artist ko! har har.

  5. adarna says:

    ren,sorry, had to erase your last comment. things are a lot crazier here lately. hope you understand. ;-pbut i’d be glad to answer your question? your email?

  6. ittok says:

    asteeg, ganda ng tattoo mo! gusto ko din magpatatoo.

  7. guillerluna says:

    “jusko katrina ano na namn yang ginawa mo?”- saniatahahahaha.. waaahhh ansaket! gusto ko rin para hindi naman mapa ng stretch marks at peklat ang katawan ko. gusto ko buwan at isda sa ilalim ng kanang braso. hehehe. kaya lang baka isumpa ako ng nanay ko. pero infairness, maganju siya. kelangan by 27 may tattoo na rin ako… ahahaha

  8. adarna says:

    guiller,true! ganyan ang ina-anticipate naming reaction ni saniata! winner ka! hehe.mag-26 na ako sa hunyo. humabol pa..

  9. celticfire says:

    That is a beautiful tatt! I love how it flows! Congrats! :)Renegade Eye: A Grantist? I thought you didn’t like the cult of personality 😛

  10. lei says:

    hey, gorgeous tat! 🙂 i love the uniqueness of it. anyway, stumbled here while researching designs. question, did you do the design yourself or did you just tell your artist alfred the elements you wanted and he put it together for you?

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