my top 13 political ads

13. prospero pichay’s ‘pro-Pinoy’ – a bunch of crap. the poker-faced actors are no help. the ‘elementary kid’ visibly freezes when pichay approaches. pichay himself looks like a giant monster towering over the ‘common people.’ pro-Pinoy? nah, don’t think so. and while the trend of political ads nowadays seem to be veering away from plain electioneering with efforts to highlight issues, pichay’s bid springing from ‘pangarap kong patupad ang mga pangarap niyo (my dream is to make your dreams come true)’ appears equally empty as plain electioneering ads.

12. mike defensor’s ‘Tol!’ – at least pichay attempted to show the common people’s issues. this ad just completely plainly sucks. defensor apparently wants to achieve a ‘cool and street-smart’ image but to no avail. not to mention the poorly-lit studio and his otherwise unpleasant smirk (read: teeth). even the rehash of his earlier video, the one with his wife and kids and boy abunda’s booming ‘the buzz’ voice narrating in the background, fails to endear his jacket-teeth to viewers. some of my friends say that mike’s dismal tv ad might be a deliberate publicity stint. heck, i for one will give it a kudos for recall. at least it’ll stick in your mind for the sheer tastelessness of it.

11. chiz ezcudero’s ‘sugod kasama si chiz!’ – i have to admit that i am sorely disappointed with this ad. he could’ve done better. the overall image, of course, is how chiz is ‘the youth’s senatoriable.’ but the batibot-inspired dialogue and what appears to be dozens of youth mobbing him makes this ad seem like a poorly-rehearsed class play. plus he has the same ‘holler my name and turning sideways’ pose as mike defensor has in his video. the ad also has a chaotic feel, but not the kind of disorganized shots and perky camera movements that this MTV/post-MTV generation has grown accustomed to.

10. migs zubiri’s ‘boom-tarat-tarat’ – a classic example of an old-school political ad: novelty campaign jingle, fiesta shots, candidate walking side by side with what appears to be common folks. there’s also something about zubiri’s face that is sooo…plastic, like wax even. his meztizo looks unfortunately contribute to his isolation from the masa. gad, he sticks like a sore thumb, from his picture-perfect smile to his immacualtely-clean shirt. his salvation just might be the ‘boom-tarat-tarat’ jingle itself. a good thing for him, considering that he reportedly paid millions to buy the rights.

9. tessie oreta’s ‘libreng pre-school’ ad – i hate to admit this but this ad has appeal. well-made, well-narrated and manages to somehow erase oreta’s ‘dancing queen’ image during former prez erap’s impeachment trial. the message is logical, concise and concrete. though the ‘street child’ is way too chubby and cute to be pitiful-looking.

8. alan peter cayetano’s ‘ito ang gusto ko!’ – mundane, nondescript, too boring for words. coming from a solon who has gained acclaim from being a fearless oppositionist, this ad is surprisingly lackluster. i hear he’s preparing to air a more ‘aggressive’ tv ad directly capitalizing on his popular anti-First Gentleman stance. i also hear that this new ad is currently experiencing political setbacks, hence the delay in airing. for this reason, that ad i can’t wait to see.

7. tito sotto’s “salamat sa tito ko” – i don’t get this video. at all. period. the message, supposedly, is that sotto will be the champion of families of OFWs. but the overtalkative ‘mother’ and the sole taxi-cab setting fails to provide a visual representation of that message. sotto’s slow-mo shot with the melodramatic tune at the background reminded me of the opening teaser for mel tiangco’s kapuso foundation segment.

6. ralph recto’s ‘co-recto!’ – a successful attempt to emulate a stage production. the choreography is precise, the timing of recto’s speech in rhythm, the lighting, color scheme and studio-graffiti set perfect. the message is ‘safe’: recto is neither yes or no — which may back fire in this highly-polarized election period. too bad he had to insert that last bit with noli de castro at the end. tsk,tsk.

5. kiko pangilinan’s ‘K na!’ – among the tv ads, pangilinan’s jingle may be the most effective and among those trying to create a ‘youthful’ effect his has pulled it off. the ad is perky, fast-paced, colorful. he recently released a bonus ad with his megastar wife and their cute daughters. i think he’s managing quite well considering that he insisted on his independence and was kicked out of the opposition slate.

4. joker arroyo’s ‘the pipol’s dragon’ – probably one of the most inexpensive and simple ads. it capitalizes on joker’s track record in government and his popular image as ‘defender of good against evil.’ the irony however is this — his so-called stellar achievements he did mainly in the oppositionist Senate. so what’s he doing running in the administration slate? tsk, tsk.

3. edgardo angara’s ‘ang gara ng buhay’ – one of the earliest political ads on tv. and one of the most well-done and well-edited. even the tag line is catchy.

2. loren legarda’s “tanging si loren lang’ – legarda capitalizes on her feminine, charismatic image and fabulously pulls off what would be an overly-mushy ad if it were made for any other female senatoriable. plus factor: she is telegenic than most. and try making other candidates do a little farming without appearing trapo-esque. haay, so true, tanging si loren lang.

1. manny villar’s ‘sipag at tiyaga’ – hands down this ad is the most effective, expensive (cast, editing, air time) and with the most mass character. as he did in the previous elections, villar once again reminds voters that he was once dirt-poor and owes his success to ‘sipag at tiyaga (hard work and patience)’. in this ad villar shovels gravel, carries market load, eats in a carinderia (fast food stall). even his awkward dancing, albeit hilarious, gives him an endearing image. villar is among the richest candidates to date but still manages to pull of and come up with a political ad with the most mass character. that’s what being filthy rich does.

disclaimer: these in no way affect my vote or how i perceive the following candidates. just my penny’s worth of criticism on effectivity, recall, content and overall aesthetic quality of these political ads.

and it IS always a joy to see politicos make total fools of themselves.

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5 Responses to my top 13 political ads

  1. Renegade Eye says:

    All bourgeoise political acts mean nothing.In the US, we don’t even have a fake labor party.

  2. Renegade Eye says:

    In the US, we get TV shows from your country, on a station I believe called CBN. The comedies are surreal.

  3. siri says:

    keri ‘tong content analysis mo, ah. 🙂

  4. Rhea says:

    naunahan ako sa ganitong entry. favorite though is BACANI’s tv ad . (Bongga kahit na he’s running for mayor lang) Reminds me of Edu Manzano at the end of the music video DVD-X. Action star na hindi OA. :)gawa na pala blog ni jhann tignan mu…

  5. martin says:

    You forgot PIMENTEL’s ad wherein you’d think you’d be voting for his father. The ad is obviously misleading and a mockery of the electoral process.

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