with Ella Colmenares, Kabataan Party-list nominee, and Filipino tv/movie actor DENNIS TRILLO

yes, that’s me, the eye-less shapeless girl with a silly smile and a very. very stiff left shoulder. this is actually a video shot from a material we filmed earlier this week for Kabataan Party-list. more surprises and more on this later.

i just had to flaunt it for the world to see. hihihi. eat yer hearts out!

meanwhile, i just have to say that i am not too starstruck with actor richard gomez running for senator. and under the administration ticket, to boot! he used to be so outspoken about his ‘contempt’ for the Arroyo administration. he even actively campaigned for Arroyo’s #1 presidential Poe, er, foe late Fernando Poe, Jr.

talk about political turn-coats and opportunists.
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4 Responses to WAGI!

  1. Renegade Eye says:

    Celebs don’t often make great fighters.

  2. anamorayta says:

    panalo nga, i agree! sa unang tingin, kala ko “WAG!” ang post title. as in, “waaag denisss.. wag mo ipatong dyan sa shoulder ko.. magiging stiff ‘yan tamo…” ahihihi

  3. Lisa Ito says:

    ang yaaabang nyoh! heheheh.

  4. Anonymous says:

    DAYA DAYA DAYA!!! Di man lang inimbitahan ang PW para gawan ng the-making-of-Kabataan-Party-video article or some other pretext para makita si Dennis Trillo!!! Hehehe… ilangq

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