it’s been a while since a song being played on FM radio caught my attention.

as one friend pointed out, ‘walang nakakalukso ng dugo sa radyo ngayon.’ of course she meant nothing came up to her ‘musical tastes,’ what with my circle’s musical staple hardly reflective of whatever’s currently ‘in’ or playing in today’s ‘post-mtv’ (salamat kay anamorayta, hehe) OPM radio. i can honestly say that i am no fan of hale, or cueshe, or all-other-early90seraserheads-sounding emergent bands of today. don’t get me wrong, i LOVE e-heads. but to hear every single song on radio-friendly FM curiously sounding like them at this age and time makes me ‘shake my head and walk away. (pun unapologetically intended)’.

needless to say, i also had reservations with retro-renditions. it became a pet-peeve to hear otherwise brilliant songs being bastardized by recording companies which (quite right) thought it a profit-making venture to commission so-so bands into reviving. there are exceptions, of course. i thought kamikaze’s version of ‘doobidoo’ was ‘original’, and how could rico j. puno go wrong with ‘huling el bimbo’?

i also confess my unabashed glee from hearing up dharma down’s ‘oo’ for offering a fresh vocal experience for radio listeners, a respite from kitchie nadal-ish female vocalists.

bamboo’s ‘alleluia’ is/was also a musical delight. bamboo IS a musical delight, period. they sound good, they look good, they have attitude, they compose originals.

so i have a pet peeve for retro-renditions. bamboo’s version of buklod’s ‘tatsulok,’ however, is a major exception.

it IS about time that someone re-made tatsulok and refreshed the relevance of the song’s message to the youth of today. the release of the single cannot be timely enough. it is a clear commentary on rampant political killings, corruption, bulok, bulok, bulok na sistema ng gobyerno.

i also admire bamboo for choosing to re-make a song that can be considered as radio-taboo. since when have we heard a song as strong and daring in message being played on FM?

the music video/animation is eerily morbid. a visual representation arousing the public to refuse to be ‘aneasthesized’ from the dark reality of extra-judicial killings and political violence in the country.

and they generally play well so they managed to give the song a cool, funky yet aptly angsty flavor.

of course we are not privy to the reasons why bamboo chose ‘tatsulok.’ we’re not even sure if the band completely understands and adheres to the original message of the song. for all we know the band may be espousing a ‘neither here nor there’ stand on political killings — a result perhaps of ‘strong but not nearly strong enough’ statements of CBCP, for one, on extra-judicial killings?

or maybe, just maybe, it has simply become the new ‘in’ thing. but, hey, who’s complainin’? ###

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5 Responses to tatsulok

  1. guillerluna says:

    i knew it. mauunahan mo akong gumawa ng post tungkol dito… grrr. nung last wekk ko pa napaglilimian na gumawa ng blog entry dio nung unang marinig ko pa lamang yan sa radyo sa FX isang umagang pauwi. sabi ni anamorayta, LSS daw yan ngayon ni anton. hindi ako naniwala until ako mismo ang nakaparinig…. at kung dati skeptic ako kina bamboo, ako’y believer na… ahehehe… kampay!

  2. guillerluna says:

    dearest, i have a confession to make: nandun ako sa kitaan natin kagabi pero agad na sumibat dahil maraming utaw. instead tumambay ako sa isang pamilyar na lugar sa anonas na unti lang ang tao… sorry… wala akong load. at ninais ko ang aking pag-iisa. hindi ito lungkutan portion, pero masaya lang ako lately sa aking pag-iisa. hay, i’ll buzz you kung kelan uli ako free…

  3. Anonymous says:

    aha sinabi ko na sa mga bata ko may kantang tatsulok aba BAMBOO paloa bumanat ala e magkakaige kame ng BAMBOO aydol…sang kablam…kaju

  4. ha! narinig ko din ito isang gabi habang naghahapunan sa isang mall pagkagaling ng trabaho. hindi rin ako makapaniwala nang sinabi ng disc jockey kung sino ang kumanta.

  5. Rhea says:

    sa jeep galing philcoa noong papunta ako ng hq ko narinig ito. tumbling!dahil sa popularity nito, ina-RTR namin ito sa arrnneoow.

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