Liham para sa paghingi ng tulong para kay Prop. Nick Atienza mula sa FQSM

Dear Friends,

We are writing you on behalf of Prof. Monico M. Atienza, who has been comatose since December 23, 2006. An undetected mass in his throat gradually blocked air passage, which finally led to successive heart seizures.

Atienza is the president of the First Quarter Storm (FQS) Movement, an organization of activists in the 1960s and 1970s. In various ways, he has continuously helped and inspired activists of people’s organizations and institutions, especially the youth and students.

As a political prisoner during martial law, Atienza was heavily tortured and held in solitary confinement. Government intelligence claimed that he was a ranking member of the Central Committee of the Communist Party of the Philippines and head of its National Organization Department when he was arrested in 1974. Released in 1977, he went back to the university.As secretary-general of the militant Kabataang Makabayan (Patriotic Youth) in the late 1960s, he was among the indefatigable architects of the youth and student activism that eventually expanded to help establish today’s formidable progressive mass movement in the Philippines.

In 1987, he survived an assassination attempt by a death squad of the Philippine military which claimed the lives of two colleagues. Atienza’s health, already deteriorated by the torture in 1974, all the more worsened with the injuries he sustained in the incident. A shrapnel remains imbedded in his head and a leg wound would not heal to this day.

Now confined at the Central Intensive Care Unit of the Philippine General Hospital, Atienza is kept alive by a life support system. His condition remains critically stable.
Atienza has no source of income other than his teaching at the university. The meager health benefits available to him are not enough to sustain the cost of hospitalization and probable therapy.

Let us all help a great comrade, mentor and friend.

Donations may be personally given to Bernardita “Didith” V. de Guzman of the First Quarter Storm Movement or deposited to:

Bank: Bank of the Philippine Islands
Address: Diliman Branch, Quezon City, Philippines
Account Name: Alberto S. Aguilar
Savings Account Number: 4259-0220-91
Swift Code: BOPIPHMM

For Task Force Monico M. Atienza,

Bonifacio P. Ilagan
Chair, First Quarter Storm Movement

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