the darndest things

happened to me today.

1. i woke up early this morning and my computer simply refused to start
2. i missed today’s rally (Mendiola Massacre anniversary) coz i spent the whole morning trying to spare whatever files i could from the hard disk
3. i passed out! i honest-to-goodness fainted and woke up on the floor! i was alone. i panicked, i sure did.

nato had the sense and kindness to rush from his office to our house when i texted. my husband, whose phone was initially unattended, arrived right after he did.

i appreciate texting more now than ever before.

went to the doctor and guess what he told me, guess what he told me?

1. i am not pregnant
2. i have iron deficiency
3. i may be anemic
4. i should never ever miss a meal again EVER
5. i should rest, sleep right and make it a habit to eat healthy and well

Your Stress Level is: 82%

Wow! Not only are you extremely prone to stress, you’re a total ball of stress these days.
And while times are certainly tough right now, being stressed out is not making it easier.
Your stress is effecting your relationships, career, and most importantly, you health.
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3 Responses to the darndest things

  1. guillerluna says:

    hala! pahinga ka kasi. and lessen your yosi… hehehe. ingat ka. kakatakot mag-isa ka pa naman madalas.

  2. celticfire says:

    Sorry to hear you fainted! Drink some tea and try to relax.

  3. anamorayta says:

    mamu! pag nagpunta tayo sa da block we should buy bottles of ferrous sulfate!- anemics anomymous ingat ka lagi.

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