The Esperon Eggsperience (at iba pang mga anekdota)

AFP Chief of Staff Hermogenes Esperon Jr. took a (egg-) beating from students of the University of the Philippines last Friday. AFP’s ‘poster boy’ was not so appealing to look at with squelched eggs on his face. A reporter asked me if I saw the look on his face when he finally realized what hit him. I didn’t, or I’d definitely be writing about it now. Sayang!

I meant to offer whys in this post. Bakit ba ganun na lang ang galit ng mga estudyante kay Esperon at hindi na nakapagpigil na batuhin siya ng itlog? But my dear friend Tonyo beat me to it. Another friend, Jun, remarked that the the eggs should have been hard-boiled and launched ala-bazooka. They both wish that they were there.

Sabi ng isang estudyante, sana raw bulok yung mga itlog kasi yun ang nababagay na ibato sa kanya. Sabi ng isa pa, lumabas daw ang lansa ni Esperon nung mabudburan ng sandosenang itlog ang mukha at uniporme niya. Sabi ni Ate Edna, dakilang UP manininda, “Buti nga sa kanya!”

I’m still searching for photos or video stills of the priceless moment. Will be sure to post it here for all cyberspace to see.

Esperon gets eggs in the face, mud at UP
By Joel GuintoI
Last updated 07:13pm (Mla time)

(UPDATE) STUDENT activists protesting politicalkillings in the country pelted General HermogenesEsperon Jr. with eggs and mud as the Armed Forceschief of staff stepped out of a forum at theUniversity of the Philippines (UP) in Diliman,Quezon City on Friday.

Esperon was hit in the face by two eggs before hisaides managed to shield him and whisk off thegeneral to a waiting vehicle, Anakbayanspokesperson Sarah Maramag claimed in a phone interview.

But Esperon’s spokesman, Lieutenant ColonelBartolome Bacarro, said the military chief was hittwice on the back. He said it was impossible forEsperon to be hit in the face since the activistshit him from behind.

“That served him right,” Maramag said.

Bacarro said Esperon made light of the situationand joked to him: “Maybe they [UP students] areangry at me because I did not launch a coup d’etat.”

But Bacarro nonetheless took a swipe at the”attackers” saying, “They should not have shamedUP as an institution.”

The country’s premiere state university, UP is a hotbed of student activists, who have recently called on President Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo to step down amid allegations of election fraud and corruption.

Esperon is known to be loyal to Arroyo. At a news forum in Makati City Thursday evening, Defense Secretary Avelino Cruz Jr. described him as the”poster boy for no coups.”

Maramag said the “assault” on Esperon was joined by the UP Student Council and the League of Filipino Students (LFS).

The Armed Forces chief was a guest at the forum”Development and Conflict” at the C.M. Recto Hall of the UP Faculty Center, Maramag said.

“We didn’t miss the chance that he was there. He had the nerve to come here [UP], especially after September 21, the anniversary of martial law,”Maramag said.

Esperon emerged from the forum around 5 p.m.,unaware that the activists were waiting for him down the hallway.

Bacarro said Esperon’s security detail failed to notice the eggs and mud, which the students hid in their bags and behind their backs.

Militant and human rights groups accuse securityforces of the more than 750 extrajudicial killings in the country since President GloriaMacapagal-Arroyo came to power in 2001.

The military has consistently denied the charges, claiming instead that the killings are the offshoot of a supposed purge within the communist movement.

12 years old na ang Alay Sining.

i was and still am a proud member of Alay Sining, a cultural group founded in 1994 in UP. I was sec-gen in 1999, my husband was chairperson of the UP Fine Arts chapter in 2000, and my brother RJ was sec-gen in 2001.

mabuhay ang Alay Sining! ipagpatuloy ang pag-aral, paglikha at pagtaguyod ng makabuluhang sining at panitikan!

met up with my pretty, pretty amigas halina and zel at the Alay Sining anniversary celebration. they brought me to Beers Paradise in Makati afterwards.

so here’s a short account of that night (lest i overdo my fascination and risk sounding too beer-happy, hehe).

Beers Paradise is definitely on the high-end side, a a far cry from your usual-occasional Timog joint. located in Polaris Street, the bar is an obscure find compared to the usual hangouts in bright and alive Jupiter, more hidden even than Makati’s single-street red-light district where pairs and groups of putis and pinays linger unabashedly.

beer prices range from P200-P500 a bottle! but gad, were they the best-tasting beer i’ve had in my life. most of the concoctions are belgian (the place boasts of being the makati home of 100 kinds of beer), but a few frenchies and german ales are also in the menu.

ali and zel provided me a crash course on ‘beer culture’ — you start with the beer with the least alcohol content. that would be the douvel (spell check?), with 5% alcohol content, equivalent to your usual san mig light. red horse has 6%, they said. the trick was to drink in sips, and lots and lots of conversation. ice was a no-no, out of ‘respect’ for beer taste and the meticulous process of fermentation. sip, sip, and work your way up to 12%. the higher the alcohol content the darker the color of the beer. someone was telling me something about the sugar content also affecting the color of the beer but i was up to 9% by then so…

i was supposed to bring home the empty bottles (yes, they allow that. i guess for wide-eyed first/one-timers like me) but i seem to have forgotten all about that too.

one thing i realized though, my lifestyle is as different to theirs as douvel or quack is to san mig. but halina and zel remain my dearest, bestest friends, always supportive of my decisions and ready to provide me with temporary respites from my otherwise mad, mad world. i see them about once a year but i am forever grateful for their presence. my pretty, yuppie friends, i love them dearly. sana bigyan pa rin nila ako ng bote para maipakita ko kay sinag, hehe. ###

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4 Responses to The Esperon Eggsperience (at iba pang mga anekdota)

  1. vencer says:

    sabi ko na nga ba nag-inom ka na naman eh. hehe. eto yung link ng saksi: sobrang pangit ng handling sa storya. parang inoperasyon ng PR ofis nina Esperon. kalabitin mo nga mga katoto natin jan sa siyete.

  2. adarna says:

    venz,hehe, nahaltak ako ng mahal kong hayskul friends e. ayan tuloy, nabinat ako at nilagnat uli kinabukasan. napanood ko na yan, pinakaabangan pa man din namin sa usc noong gabi bad copy naman pala. tayo rin ang nagpadala ng video kasi wala silang crew nung nangyari ang eggsperience. sabi ni nato lagot daw ako kay esperon, hehe. bring it on!

  3. anamorayta says:

    uy, pwedeng-pwede to sa ‘dine out’ segment ng magazine namin… yihi…me pics ba? wat if tungkol sa iba’t ibang ‘watering holes’ (inuman sa kanto, bigote, newsdesk, etc.) sa metro? re risk of sounding ‘beer happy,’ trabaho lang naman, walang personalan 🙂

  4. alanon says:

    FYI the color of the beer has nothing to do with the alcohol content.

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