i haven’t had much blogging time these past few days, i simply just had so much work to do. and when i did, i just usually found myself staring at the monitor — so much to say, so much to talk about, don’t know where to start.

this is why i really admire prolific bloggers. on days when i wish to rest my clogged weary mind, i relish reading blogs that 1.) update regularly, 2.) i enjoy viewing, 3.) i can relate to, and 3.) provides fresh and intelligent insights on whatever is happening in this hellhole of a world.

months ago, i had the pleasure of chancing upon celticfire’s blog and it became an instant favorite. he is also a regular visitor of this blog and i admit that i resorted to writing my posts in english since he and some of my other ‘international blogger comrades’ started frequenting this attic. i somehow developed a certain amount of respect for his (their) genuine curiosity and concern for Philippine current events and developments in and struggles of the national democratic movement here. needless to say, and as my friend vencer put it, i found myself a ‘new blog community’ — it started out as a diversion from my usual blog hops but turned out to be a refreshing habit nonetheless.

so this morning i found myself reading celtic’s ‘farewell post’ and felt a sense of loss. that’s one blog that i would really miss reading! he announced that he has decided to “..mov(ing) on to more dedicated and focused political work, and wont have the time to consistantly update a blog.” just made me admire him more. on his 100th post, he left us with this:

It Is Our Duty To Fight!
It Is Our Duty To Win!
It Is Our Duty To Love Each Other And Protect Each other!
Because We Have Nothing To Lose But Our Chains!
—Assata Shakur
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One Response to celticfire

  1. Renegade Eye says:

    He is a true revolutionary. I have some fundamental disagreements with him, I trust him 100%.

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