july 31

Rie Mon “Ambo” Guran, 21, LFS spokersperson of Aquinas University was shot dead today 6am in Bulan, Sorsogon. Justice for Ambo! End Arroyo’s tyranny! Pls. pass.

gud am. sarah totoo b n patay n c ambo? of bicol? pnatay daw?

sarah, L— ito, reporter of —-. may namatay b na LFS sa sorsogon? confirm ko lang.

my cousin and husband were ambushed this morning in kalinga. both are members of CPA and dr. claver is the chair of bayan muna in kalinga. dr. claver is ok, able to speak but my cousin is in critical condition. they were with their youngest child when they were attacked this morning in bulanao, kalinga.


recently saw poignant photos of ambo and cris, both martyrs now, from sinag’s files. here’s one showing them with mischievous smiles on their faces, apparently not listening to a student forum. they were so young. makes me wish a bloody, painful, slow death for the scourges of this nation.

sabi ni manang manininda sa UP, “sana nagkatotoo na lang yung balita na may liver cancer si gloria.” (a vendor in UP retorted, “how i wish it were true that gloria has liver cancer.”). we wish, how we all wish…

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One Response to july 31

  1. Anonymous says:

    wafaz, ate, ganyan din ang drama ko nung lunes! katakut-takot na mga tawag at text messages. wiz talaga, sana kina-kanser na si gloria. ~ zora sancha

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