Youth Unity Statement

for those asking how they can help,
demanding the immediate release of
UP students karen and sherlyn
and justice for all victims of Arroyo’s reign of terror.
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4 Responses to Youth Unity Statement

  1. celticfire says:

    Ok, so I posted this info, signed the petition, and linked to your site from my blog. My wife is also putting up a comment on her blog: ladycelticfire.And I will encourage others to do the same. If there is anything more we can do, please email us at: redrebel84@softhome.netRevolutionary greetings,celticfire

  2. Stalingam says:

    Red GreetingsI honestly doubt if an online petition can achieve anything muchSomething more productive and effective would be protests in front of the Philippines embassy here in New Delhi.Since I don’t live anywhere near new delhi I can only give you the email id’s of some radical left student unions and you can contact them.Note however the onus is on you to take the initiative and you need to talk to the concerned student unions whom I do not represent or claim to speak for.AISA(All india students association is one such organisation ).It was formed after the CPI(M-L)Liberation came over ground some time in the early 90’s.They might support you in this cause.RegardsStalingamP:S – speak to your comrades and let me know if you need the email id’s.

  3. adarna says:

    stalingam,thanks. we are exploring all forms protest and venues for youth solidarity hence the online unity statement. had the chance to speak and meet with some AISA delegates last december in hongkong (WTO protest). my organization, anakbayan, maintains regular contact with them. thanks anyway. will consult my colleagues about your picket proposal.regards

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