you never die enough to cry*

*Sal Paradise to Dean Moriarty in Jack Kerouac’s On the Road

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6 Responses to you never die enough to cry*

  1. Renegade Eye says:

    I’ve been worried for your comrades safety. I’ve told people I know of your religion to visit your blog.I posted at Young Radicals, I believe you’ll need an international defense committee, to protect and make known, about the repression from vigilantes.

  2. adarna says:

    thanks for your concern, ren eye.but, as an aside, i’d rather you not call our movement a ‘religion.’ thanks again.

  3. Renegade Eye says:

    I called it a religion, to be subtle.

  4. celticfire says:

    Whaoo– whats going on with all this? What can the Maoists online do to help?

  5. Stalingam says:

    Red Greetings You seem to have wanted to say something but changed your mind latter ?

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