too sexy for my shirt?

last january 17 was the fabulously successful Game Over Gloria Fashion Show! (and the scariest experience of my life. haharap na lang ako sa pulis!).

technically, the fashion show could’ve admittedly done better (the lighting was way off, for one, but praise Ugat Lahi’s ingenuity for the very apt stage design) but the overall effect was, well, not your typical protest activity — a sequined slap to Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo’s unsightly smirk.

here’s a sneak peek at all the glamor and “gore.” (courtesy of ilang q)

kontragapi opened the show with an indigineous number.

some professional models graced the catwalk…

model #1 wearing strands of cellophane in an electrifying representation of the government’s privatization of the country’s power industry

model #2 there’s blood on your sugar, sugar!

model #3 how much would you pay to be those bogus land titles?

and, ehem, some not-so-professional “models” strutted their stuff…

Gloria Step Down Movement (GSM) Spokesperson Dennis Maga bearing his, um, greasy manggagawa chest

Lakay and some others doing the P125 ala-Koreans in Hongkong (don’t forget the ‘check,’ of course)

Jan Cruz of Gabriela-Youth pranced in Purple Power

Gabriela-Youth National Chairperson Joms Salvador pouts with her pouch

Anakbayan National Chairperson Lengua de Guzman found a look that suits her (peace!:-))

Kabataan Partylist President and Youth DARE Spokesperson Mong Palatino (nga ba? o si Raymong Lauchengco noong ’80s? sabi niya Aga Muhlach dawsige na nga!)

LFS National Chairperson Vencer Crisostomo ‘serves the people’ in an apron, hehe

concentrating on walking down the stairs, nanginginig kasi ang tuhod ko!

grabe na ‘toh! kapag hindi pa napatalsik si gloria BUGAHAN NA NATIN SIYA NG APOY!

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2 Responses to too sexy for my shirt?

  1. Anonymous says:

    ako poy isang high school student. bakit po ba puro na lng po kayo pagpapatalsik sa pangulo, kapag tumalsik na po sya sino na naman po ba ang papalit.. tapos papatalsikin na naman po ng iba. prang may pattern na. hindi po kaya ginagamit lng ng mga gustong agawin ang pwesto ng pangulo na ipapatay ang mga radikal na aktibista para mas lalong mag init ang mga masa o taong katulad namin sa pangulo? nasubukan nyo na po bang kumausap ng mga welgistang nabuhay dahil sa tama ng bala sa likuran hindi sa harapan? sino kaya po ba ang nasa likod ng mga ito.

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