analyzing acronyms

Some things we ought to know about Cha-Cha (or ‘let’s start the great Cha-Cha debate’):

C – onniving trapos like FVR, JDV are pushing for it because they have been vying for the prime minister post since time immemorial (so quit overrating them and hailing them as well-meaning statesmen, for heaven’s sake!)

H – armful to the country’s political and economic system in that it will concentrate power among a few political cliques (see above) and HARMONIZE unconstitutional and HARMFUL fiscal policies in the existing Charter

A – rroyo is hell-bent on extending her term amid an irreconcilable political crisis (read: No-El)

C – reates an illusion that it is the be-all and end-all of the current crisis in an effort to suppress the growing public unrest against this regime (hence the results of the latest SWS survey)

H – ands-on and unabashed foreign control over local industries, services and enterprises (DANGER in the national patrimony zone)

A – ny Cha-Cha under the Arroyo administration is ANOMALOUS, ABHORRENT and ANTI-PEOPLE

In a gist.

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