who’s da bomb? (re-post from youngradicals.blogspot.com)

Together, we can turn Arroyo’s website into the “pekeng pangulo” homepage.

We are calling on all bloggers and web administrators to post a link with the keywords: “pekeng pangulo” to Arroyo’s website at http://www.kgma.org/ .

This will influence the search engine results to put GMA’s website as top result when one searches the keywords: pekeng pangulo.

This has been done by anti-Bush activists during the peak of the anti-Iraq war protests in 2001. When you search Google with the key words: “ miserable failure“, then click on “Im Feeling Lucky”, it will bring you striaght to the biography page of US President George W. Bush.

Other keywords you can link: sira ulo (www.doj.gov.ph), gobyernong bulok (www.gov.ph), bugaw (http://www.i-site.ph/Databases/Executive/Cabinet/2004-2010/personal/gonzales-personal.html), sinungaling (http://www.op.gov.ph/profiles_bunye.asp), etc.

You can read the article on this project here.

Everyone is encouraged to repost this entry on their weblog/website.

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2 Responses to who’s da bomb? (re-post from youngradicals.blogspot.com)

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  2. vencer says:

    gamitin mo html chong. nawala yung links sa pekeng pangulo. yun yung point di ba? hehe.

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